First Post – Sept 11th *retroactive*

**This is my post following the first full week of classes, which I meant to post at the end of the week on Friday, September 11th, but completely forgot to**

After the zoom meeting on Wednesday Sept 09, I set up a rough schedule for what the next week would look like in terms of workload. I already had RStudio downloaded on my laptop and my desktop PC, and also had the textbook available on both as well, however since it has been quite a long time since I last used RStudio (the last time was the end of the first semester of last year, around December 2019), so I’m planning to spend a short bit of time familiarizing myself with the program, just to refresh my memory a bit. I’ve also begun to think about ideas for what data set I would want to analyze; my initial thoughts are leaning towards something related to either climate change, ecology, and/or marine-related, with some more specific topic ideas being sea level measurements or fishery stocks or ocean acidification. Finally, I am also planning to review some of the notes from the previous zoom meeting; I was a bit late at the beginning of the meeting, so Professor Davis said he would construct a PDF listing some of the information we went over in class, and he would email it out within the next couple days. My plan is to spend the next week refreshing my memory with RStudio, reviewing the PDF from the previous meeting, and trying to narrow down the topic for my data set, with the goal of having all of those complete by the next class meeting on Sept 16.

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