Sixth Post – October 16th

During the most recent week, there was no zoom meeting held, so I did not have any chance to directly discuss my project status with the professor or the class. However, a video lecture was uploaded by the Professor discussing some statistical techniques, which I watched, and I was also able to watch the lecture recording from last week (Oct. 7th), since I wasn’t able to attend that meeting at the time. At this point, I have a handful of different datasets bookmarked and have been contemplating which one to finally go with, though I still haven’t made any final decision yet. In the time between now and the next meeting, I am hoping to narrow down the choices as much as possible and ideally decide on one specific dataset by the end of the next meeting. Additionally, I’m beginning to prepare for the mid-semester writing assignment, which I assume will be assigned at some point in the coming weeks, since this previous week was the seventh week of classes and therefore about the mid-semester point.

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