Third Post – September 23rd

For our third week of classes, I attended the zoom discussion/lecture on Wednesday, Sept 23rd, where we described and discussed the different ideas we had for our data sets, and also went over some information on basic analysis of data (identifying the mean/median, variation between the two, different measurements of spread, etc). For my data set, I settled on some topic related to climate change, likely measurements on sea level rise; during the meeting, we discussed different ways of finding some data related to this cause, with some classmates recommending different websites and Professor Davis planning to contact some researchers at UMassD’s SMAST. During the time since the class last week, I began looking at the textbook and skimmed through some sections of the first couple chapters, however the PDF of notes last week was not uploaded, so I have not yet reviewed it. Over the next week, I am planning on looking through more datasets related to sea level rise and potentially getting in contact with some researchers from SMAST or one of the research institutions in Woods Hole (e.g. WHOI, NOAA, etc), and I am also planning to read more in the textbook and review the PDF’s for this week and/or last week, once they are made available.

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