Second Post – September 17th

For our second week of classes, I unfortunately was not able to make it to the zoom meeting on Wednesday, Sept 16, so I instead watched the recording of the lecture earlier today (Sept 17). Over the past week, I accomplished the three tasks that I laid out (refreshing myself with RStudio, reviewing the PDF of last week’s notes, and trying to narrow down the topic I would use for a data set), on some level. The first two were completed relatively quickly, since I was able to familiarize myself with some of the basics of RStudio without much trouble, and was also able to follow along the notes without much difficulty. The third task took a bit more time, and I still have not completely narrowed down the topic I would choose; I’m currently leaning towards choosing a data set related to rising marine temperatures (either globally or regionally; not sure which one yet), or changes in fishery stocks in New England. My tasks for the next week are to (1) make a final decision regarding what topic to use for my data set, or at least come close to a final decision, (2)  begin to read through at least some of the textbook, just as a resource for when I begin to actually use RStudio for the project, and (3) review the PDF for this week’s notes that Professor Davis said he would send out. I am once again hoping to have all these tasks completed in some capacity by the next class, on September 23.

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